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    Active Users completed with error




           Am using EBS 12.1.3 with 11gR1 database running on AIX6.1. Today I submitted Active users and got failed whereas other requests are running fine. Checked the log and followed the MOS Document 1350673.1. The issue mentioned in the Document exactly suits my issue. Followed the solution but  however xclock doesn't open when I executed from applmgr user and thus my issue is not fiexd. Please help me to solve the issue.

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          Srini Chavali-Oracle

          You will likely need to bounce application services for this setting to take effect

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            Prasenjit Deb



            You would need to pass xauth list in order to make Display/xclock work.


            You can follow the below steps (assuming you would be having root access, else check with your OS team):

            1. Login to root and check if xclock works here by following below:

            $xhost +



            2. The pass "xauth list" and note down the below:

            You'll get something like

            host.domain:10 mit-magic-cookie-1 4d22408a71a55b41ccd1657d377923ae


            3. Login to app id (OS user/ app user) and pass:

            xauth add <entire output of above xauth list>


            4, Then try xclock, it should be working by then.

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              Nagarajan P



              Login as Root, open terminal in VNC and execute

              #xhost +


              Now try from applmgr



              It should work fine.


              Note: Make sure display value has been configured in contextfile .


              <applmgr>$grep display $CONTEXT_FILE

              <DISPLAY oa_var="s_display" osd="unix">Your Hostname:0.0</DISPLAY>