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    FDMEE Upgradation from to server)


      Hi Expert,


      We are planning to upgrade our FDMEE version from to server)


      This is our plan


      Install FDMEE in an fresh windows server 2008 r2 or windows 2012 r2

      Export the mappings from environment

      Create locations in FDMEE environment

      Import the mappings into environment

      This steps will import the mappings for various locations


      Our questions is, how we are going to copy the data into new environment ?


      Is there any utility available to copy the FDMEE data from to environment



      Copy the FDMEE SQL Server database EPM_FDMEE from environment, dump into EPM_FDMEE environment . Then run the epm configurator for for FDMEE and choose the option reuse the database in the configuration stage. This activity will fetch us the entire mappings as well as the data. is this the correct approach. Our target application for FDMEE is HFM.


      Please suggest a possible way or a method for upgrade.