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    HFR Reports Misbehaves


      Hi All,


      I am using HFR version I am facing an issue that sometimes HFR reports misbehaves. Like if I am opening a report it does not show any data and it looks blank. If I close it and again opening a report then It shows the data. Sometimes formula row doesn't work i.e. sometimes row for summation looks blank and sometimes it shows correct total.


      Can anyone let me know what could be the reason for that and how to resolve it?


      Thanks in Advance.




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          I had similar issue so I always ensure I refresh the session and browser before I open the report. Clear the browser cache and tmp files

          When it was hitting for long and then it was working.


          As it works intermittently I din't think of it as some config issue.


          May be check on browser version and compatibility matrix. And if nothing is wrong then better reach out to Oracle with fiddler logs captured.




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            What is the data source?(HFM? Essbase)

            Can you consistently replicate the issue in another approved browser for your version(e.g Firefox ESR)

            You may want to investigate any patches for your version to see if there are bugs or known issues.

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              DISHIL SHAH

              I have checked patches its all fine. I will check with another browser. Further I am facing this issues only for specific type of reports only in which we have some complicated calculation. Is it may be the reason for that??