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    FDM TDATASEG segment number for a location





      This is related to FDM.


      In order to retrieve the data from the database for a location, we need to know the location’s segment number. This will then give us the name of the table for the data segment eg tDataSeg4 or tDataSeg23. From where can i get the segment number for a particular location? Does this reside as a column in any table so that I can lookup?


      I have 50 tdataseg tables in my FDM db. How can i lookup for data for a particular location? How do I know which tdataseg table contains the data for the required location?


      Alternatively, I can query all the 50 tDataSeg tables and look up for the data for a particular location using partition key tagged to a location. But that's time consuming.



      Francisco AmoresJohnGoodwin