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    Not able to configured VPN through Corente : Setting Up VPN from Corente Services Gateway On-Premises to the Shared Network


      Hi Group;


      I have to access my cloud Linux instance through putty. I followed the instruction to provision VPN tunnel using Corente gateway. I followed complete instruction still my App Net Manager showing my tunnel is down(yellow color). I didn't found any documentation to troubleshoot this issue.


      This procedure is really tough and next to impossible to provision .I followed http://patshuff.com/oracle/corente/Oracle-Corente-Cloud-Services-Cookbook.pdf (https://docs.oracle.com/cloud/latest/stcomputecs/MCVPN/toc.htm#)


      I have killed almost 3 month to provision this VPN tunnel. I am wondering ,if anyone can suggest me any other way around or help me out to trouble shot my issue with corente gateway . I am totally blocked and seems my 3 month cloud subscription will be waste.


      Really now I only looking for GOD ,when he will send one nice person to help me out.


      With Regards

      Vivek Agarwal