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    Account Chase - account list, by entity (targacct, per, cat) - only runs for one location


      This may be user error.  When we run the "account chase - account list, by entity (targacct, per, cat)" report in FDMEE I was expecting to see all locations that have data mapped to a target account.  This is how it is stated to work in the admin guide (yes I actually researched before posting).


      What I found odd was when I "Execute" the report (why not say run instead of execute, i digress) it prompts me for Period, Catagory LOCATION, Target account.  If it is supposed to run across all locations subtotaling by location then why is it asking for location?  I have been unable to get it to run across all locations.


      What am I doing wrong?  (I tried leaving location blank or using an * and neither worked)


      This is what I get when researching on Oracle.  NOTE - Runs for all data management locations




      Account Chase Wildcard (TargAcct, Per, Cat)

      Shows imported accounts for all Data Management locations, subtotaled by Data Management location, based on an account selection that enables use of wildcards.

      Runs for

      All Data Management locations


      Target account, Period, Category


      Account Chase Wildcard


      Account Chase WildCard.rtf