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    PO Approval Not Using Position Hierarchy after RPC5 - Urgent

    Deepa Unni


      We are on R12.1.3 and Have applied RPC5 patches on our TEST instances,

      We are in the phase of user testing..

      We are having some issues with the PO Approval process when it comes to Dropship, as it doesn't seem to honor the Position Hierarchy" we have defined.


      User creates a Dropship SO, Booked the SO and Rin the Requisition Import  and the Requisition is imported as "Approved".

      We autocreate the PO and user is trying to "approve" the PO. But The approval process gets stuck as "Incomplete" and "Open" status.


      I have verified - Position Hierarchies are defined and the users and employees are active and enabled.

      Also the Document Type setup has the option - "Owner Can approve" as checked.

      I have also executed the process - Fill Employee Hierarchy Report and the Workflow Background process.


      But when the user clicks the Approve Button and submits, the PO is auto forwarded to the Next approver in the list.

      This doesn't happen in the current PROD system, where RPC5 is not setup.


      Is there anything I am missing? What could be causing this discrepancy?


      Can anyone please help?


      Thanks in advance ..