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    Creating fast DR Site for EBS


      Hi ALL,


      EBS R12.x




      Please confirm if my understanding is correct.



      1. I have two(2) servers,   1 PROD, and 1 DR.

          There is an installed EBS instance on PROD , but none in DR.

      2. I have created  users/owner  appprod, and oraprod, with groups oinstall, dba on both servers.

      3. I installed the same OS OL6.8  on both.

      4. I have installed pre-reqs rpms. > yum install oracle-ebs-server-R12-preinstall  on both servers.

      5. I have cold back of my PROD apps and db using:

            tar -zcf  appprod.tar.gz  /u01/appprod

            tar -zcf  oraprod.tar.gz  /u01/oraprod

      6. I have also backup /home/oraInvetory

            tar -zcf  oraInventory.tar.gz  /home/oraInvetory

      7. I have created /etc/oraInst.loc  on both servers.


      To restore to my DR server:


      I will just copy the three (3) backup files and unzip it on same folder locations,

      and presto!!! My DR server is good up and running? right?

      Note, that I do not need to runpre-clone/cfgclone/post clone tasks.


      Please comment if this is correct or if I missed something....



      Kind regards,