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    SQL Developer ( worksheet silently fails if comment line begins with "@"


      This is a BUG report.


      I was surprised to discover in the latest version of SQL Developer a silent failure which could have led to dire consequences for what I was doing...


      When running a script (create or replace package) in a worksheet in SQL Developer, we noticed that nothing at all happens if any comment line begins with @.


      If there's any character before the @ it's fine, such as a *.


      Example of a silent failure:


      create or replace package MYPACKAGE AS


      /* NAME: somefunction

      PURPOSE: do something

      AUTHOR: me

      @param x some integer

      @return some varchar2




      Sometimes we have a * before the @param, so it's fine in that case. When running multiple files at once, some are silently passed over. This does not happen in SQL Developer 4.1.5.


      Can someone enter a bug or direct me to a page where I submit bugs? Or does this count?