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    Creating different multidimension mapping rules in FDMEE


      Hi all,


      For mapping GL data into HFM Accounts, we generally require the use of multi-dimension mapping.  Specific value combinations of GL chart segments A, B, C, and D map to HFM Account values (ex. if A = 100 and B = 123 and C = ABC and D = 987, then map to HFM Account XYZ).  This mapping is working fine using the multidimension mapping.


      However, in the condition where GL segment A is in the ranges of 301 - 399 or 401 - 499, then the HFM Account value should exactly match the GL Segment A value.  So if A = 405, then HFM Account = 405 (regardless of the other GL segment values).


      Question: is there a simply way to set up a rule in the mapping to accomplish this second criteria?  We have been advise to use a script, but would be interested if there is a way to do this using standard FDMEE mapping formats.  Essentially, for these specific GL values we need to say: Mutlidim Account [UD1=4*], then target = UD1.