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    Rapid clone R12 windows refresh target


      Hi Everyone,


      Hoping somebody has some advice they can give me.


      I am running Oracle EBS 12.2.4 on windows 2008 machines(64 bit) with an 11.2.04 database.


      Quick background:  We recently upgraded from 11.5.9 to 12.2.4.  Everything was successful.  We now have a full environment working and are trying to use Rapidclone to create another.  As rapidclone requires a lot of programs and pre reqs to be installed on the application server we are using a previous drill  as the target as everything is already installed.  So in a sense I need to use Rapid clone to refresh the target application server.


      I have searched the net and all articles I can find are written for UNIX, especially any mention of refreshing a target system.  The issues I am having are related to the fact that Oracle homes are already installed on the target, ex. IAS_HOME, FMW-HOME etc.  Does someone have any knowledge of how to prepare a windows target system for an application refresh on 12.2.  There must be a way to to use existing machines and overwrite the previous rapidclone.



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          Are you trying to overwrite the previous installation or install a second R12 instance on the Windows server?


          In either case, I would still recommend installing cygwin/MKS, Visual Studio and gnumake on a new server rather than try to reuse an existing R12 Windows server.  I could have a patched up empty Windows server ready for R12 in about an hour and it would take much longer to clean up an existing R12 Windows installation to overwrite a previous 12.2 installation.


          How to Remove an Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2 Windows Environment (Doc ID 1683326.1)

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            We are trying to overwrite an existing installation of R12 using rapidclone.  The reason for the reuse of the server is we are a government department and adding and removing servers from the domain entails a lot of red tape and time.  Also with MKS, each time we do this we need to apply for a new activation key which is also time consuming.  We would like to simply use rapidclone to overwrite the current installation this time and in future runs as well anytime we need to have a fresh copy. 


            I am looking for information on what exactly needs to be cleaned up and how to deregister any Oracle home that is currently registered.

            I have run the adcfgclone.pl after removing contenets from c:\program files\oracle\inventory, I have also renamed the folders d:\oracle\fs1\fmw_home and fs2. I have run setup.exe from the fmw_home and issued deinstall.  But it still will error stating an oracle home is already registered.  I know this is all made more difficult as it is a windows environment but someone must be doing this on a regular basis.



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              You will need to follow the note I linked already to clean the environment.


              How to Remove an Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2 Windows Environment (Doc ID 1683326.1)


              Since you already removed directories, you may have to resort to scrubbing the registry manually for anything with oracle in the name.  This will take a few hours and hopefully you installed into a directory like d:\oracle.


              BTW, I have installed EBS on Windows since 11.5.3 in 2000 and find no functional difference between MKS and Cygwin.


              And friends don't let friends run EBS on Windows.  Once you try it on Linux, you will never want to go back.

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                Thanks a lot, going through it now.  Appreciate the help, will update when success or fail. Good to know re Cygwin, may save a few headaches in the future