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      Can anyone tell me the difference between "Oracle Business Intelligence Server Enterprise Edition" and "Oracle Business Intelligence Server Administrator"

      I would also like to know the product that includes OBIA modules such as Financial Analytics. Does "Oracle Business Intelligence Server Administrator" includes BI Apps?. I understand that Oracle "Business Intelligence Suite Extended Edition" includes both of them.

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          Gianni Ceresa


          OBIEE and OBISA are both 2 tools part of one of the OBI license pack (standard edition one, enterprise edition plus etc. for example).

          None of these 2 is OBIA, OBIA is another license which give you OBIEE, ODI, the db model, the RPD, the prebuilt analysis etc.

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            Thanks for your quick reply. Can you please tell me difference in terms of functionality between OBIEE and OBISA. What is the advantage we get from OBISA over OBIEE or vice versa.

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              To be specific,


              I have seen that, Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Extended Edition includes the following products:

              • Oracle Business Intelligence Server Enterprise Edition
              • Oracle Business Intelligence Answers
              • Oracle Business Intelligence Interactive Dashboards
              • Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher
              • Oracle Business Intelligence Delivers
              • Oracle Business Intelligence Server Administrator
              • Oracle WebLogic Server Standard Edition.


              Would like to know the additional functionality that we get with product "Oracle Business Intelligence Server Administrator" in OBIEE

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                Gianni Ceresa

                I must admit that in 10 years using OBIEE I never heard of that "Oracle Business Intelligence Server Administrator" thing. Of course it's related to licensing, which could explain the weird name for something everybody call in a different way ...


                Andrew Fomin. suggested this is the weird name they used to identify the Admintool.


                Based on the description it can definitely be the Admintool, as it's the only thing able to develop a model in OBIEE.

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                  Hi ,


                  Oracle Business Intelligence Server Administrator usually refers to client software which configures functionality to model, configure & administer the metadata.


                  Normally this license is assigned to one (who is assigned with The single Named User Plus license) of designer / senior developer / administrator within OBIEE development team with admin privileges.

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