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    IG's Refresh in Region selector issue

    Hanu M



      • Interactive grids are not refreshing over the tabs (Region selector region template). IG’s are refreshing for the active(current) tab but not for the inactive tab.


      1. 1.       In a page I am having one page item(LOV) called “Department” , three tabs- Tab1, Tab2 & Tab3.
        1. a.       Each tab has IG
      2. 2.       on change of Department LOV, Created dynamic action to refresh all three IGs in three tabs.
      3. 3.       Issue reproduce:
        1. a.       Currently we are in Tab-1.
        2. b.      If we change the Department LOV value then, only IG in Tab1 is getting refreshed but the IGs in Tab2 & Tab3 are not getting refreshed. Which was working well with 5.1.0 version.


      Please see the below screenshots which shows only IG in Tab1 got refreshed with “Accounting” department values and other IGs Tab-2. Tab-3 are not getting refreshed.


      Tab1 :



      Tab2 :


      Here Girds are refreshing when you changing the Department LOV. when you going to inactive tab it is not showing/displaying corresponding department data but grids it holds corresponding department data.


      How to fetch / display the corresponding department data in the inactive grid.



      Please use the below credential to see the issue.

      URL : https://apex.oracle.com/en/

                 Workspace : IG    

                 Username : IG

                 Password : ig@123

                             Application ID :  76555.