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    Excel2Collection plugin - xls upload takes more time in Apex 5.0



      I am using excel2collection plugin to import .xls file in oracle apex 5.0. xls file with 1000+ records takes around 5 minutes to get uploaded. If same file is converted into .csv , it gets uploaded in 10 seconds. Does anyone have solution for this issue?


      Thanks in advance


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          Mike Kutz
          1. Have you tried updating Excel to a current, supported version?  (ie use ".xlsx" instead of ".xls")
          2. Have you tried showing a YouTube video of some kittens while they wait?


          If you take a look at the requirements of reading an ".xlsx" (or the older ".xls") file, you will realize that it is not as straight forward as reading a CSV file.


          In other words : I see nothing wrong.  Parsing the old ".xls" file format will always take longer than parsing a CSV file.


          The plugin you reference is pure-PL/SQL.  As such, it can run on XE editions of the Oracle database.


          If you need the process to go faster, then you will need a non-XE database so that you can run a Java version of the plugin.

          I don't know if the author, Anton ( ascheffer ), has created a Java version of the Plugin.  Try searching his blog/company's site.


          Personally, any process that can take over 30 seconds should be processed in the background.

          (This can't be done with the plug-in)