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    Error "Item may be set when accompanied by a "session" checksum." Master Detail Form


      Hi All!


      I'm starting to learn Oracle Appex to test if it is suitable to an personal project that I'm willing to create. I'm following the steps in the excelent book: Beginning Oracle Application Express from Doug Gault.


      In the present chapter that I'm following, there is an exemple to Create a Master Detail Form, just using the wizard, no code is involved so till now.


      When I edit the Header data (ticket table) there is no issue at all... The problems came when I try to edit or add some records in the details table (TICKETS_DETAIL). I got the following error:



      2017-06-17 (3).png


      I have no clue about the error, and searching in the Forum I didn't found any post that explain how to fix it.


      As far I understand, this error is related to session protection and it is a good practice to enable it, and I guess the wizard did it automatically for me, but I don't know what I need to do to fix it.


      If is necessary I can upload it to apex.com to better show it to anyone.


      It is version 5.0.4 running in Oracle Database 11gR2 Xe. I tried the same in the Oracle Linux 7.3 with the same results.


      Thanks in advance,