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    User Responsibility table




      Can anyone helps me to find out the standard table that stores Application User and responsibility details.


      I need to fire a trigger when a new responsibility is added to a user,I do not know in which table to create that trigger.i fond some tables like



      2.wf_user_role_assignments but here when i add responsibility it creates more than one entry for that newly created responsibility.


      Help me to find the correct table to create the trigger .




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          Pravin Takpire

          what exactly you are trying to achieve via trigger ? I would suggest to refrain from creating custom objects on seeded base tables specifically if some thing has to relate to login.

          anyways you can check FND_RESPONSIBILITIES% tables




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            Hi Pravin,


            I try to archive,when a new responsibility is added to a user i need to send an approval notification for it.SO i need that standard table entry to create the custom trigger.




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              Hi Ajay,

                   I think in such case Workflows are very helpful to you. And you may need to use AME also here.




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                Sanjay Desai EBS

                When you assigning the responsibility to user,  the FND_USER_RESP_GROUPS_DIRECT view is get updated.  you can try to write the trigger on this view or on tables under this view

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                  Hi Sanjay,

                       I think his requirement is need approval to add the responsibility. This table will store the responsibilties that are added.

                       So, I think he need to customize the API (apps.fnd_user_pkg.addresp is API which adds responsibilities to user). In this API, before insert, he need to call an Workflow (probably he need to create new Workflow as far as I know) which sends notification to corresponding person (may be the Supervisor) for approval. Once he approved then this API should proceed with next step.

                       Here, I am not sure whether Oracle will accept customization of API.




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                    What are you actually trying to do? Are you trying to audit responsibility additions, or ensure they are approved before being added? Are you only interested in responsibilities being granted to a user? What about roles which contain responsibilities, and therefore the user gets the responsibility indirectly?