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    Why is the generation of a Primary Key value not automated when not using rowid in an Interactive Grid




      I've created an editable Interactive Grid using the Page wizard where Source is based on a Table and Primary Key column is ROWID. On testing the Page, I am able to Add Rows into the database table without adding any functionality to the Page created by the wizard. However, when I do the same thing but choose Primary Key column as the primary key of the target table then Add Rows will fail as the primary key column is being given a Null value. Can anybody tell me what is happening in the background to explain this 'discrepancy' between the 2 choices and what I would need to add to the page to get it to work in the second scenario ( i.e. not using ROWID as the Primary Key column ).  In the past, I was able to create a pl/sql process to put the PK value into the hidden PK item


      SELECT MAX( <pk_column_name> ) + 1

         INTO <page_item_name>

        FROM <table_name>


      but this no longer solves the issue.