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    Eloqua and Sales cloud integration


      Hello everyone,

      we are trying to integrate our marketing and sales automation solutions. We have an Oracle Eloqua basic version so we do not have the ability to create new custom objects (we can use only

      Opportunity, Oracles Sales Clouds Leads, and Purchase History). How can we perform lead Auto synch?

      Thank you

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          Sekar R

          Hi IkramR, You can still use one of your existing CDO's "Oracles Sales Clouds Leads" for this process with slight modifications. Let me know if you need more details on this integration, Alternatively, you can also use your contact database for this Integration. And in end its all based on your strategy whether to use CDO or contact database. But you can still use your CDO.

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            Be very cautious if you do decide to use your contact fields. You can quickly go over the Eloqua field max and converting that data from contact fields to CDO in the future could be a pain.


            Best route would be rather using Eloqua's native opportunity function or CDO. I think many people will prefer the CDO route since it gives you an ability to synch custom fields and if I recall the native component only allows for standard fields.


            One additional thing to think about is Opportunity to Contact relationships. If you try to connect opportunity to contact directly you may only be able to link contacts that are linked to the opportunity in sales cloud opposed to all contacts linked to an account that has an opportunity. You may find that sales teams arnt always the best linking all contacts to an opportunity of your business process may not allow it. Linking the opportunity to the account via opportunity CDO which connects to the native Account function then connecting the contacts to their corresponding accounts will make the connection. Don't forget to link contacts and though via account linkage settings. 

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              Hello Sekar thank you for your answer.


              I would be grateful if you can give me more details about integration using standard CDO's. About our integration strategy we want to send to Oracle Sales Cloud only qualified leads and get opportunities associated to contacts in order to have reports showing campaigns ROI. I have been trying the integration for a while now and i always get errors and cannot achieve what i really want. So please if you can give me a description or a step by step tutorial of what i should do it would be perfect.


              Thank you,