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    ICP Data Load processThrough FDMEE to HFM


      Hi All,


      Can anyone please guide me as how to load the inter company data load through FDMEE  to HFM Application


      As per the admin guide i have enabled the IC Transaction option in FDMEE


      "Enable Intercompany Transactions"


      how to define the mappings  in Target value for extra dimensions added to data load mapping section

      Reference id

      transaction id

      transaction sub id

      entity currency amount

      transaction currency


      currenty rate


      when i click on target value for the above dimensions i am getting error as below.


      "EPMFDM-140301:Unable to retrieve members.Either the target is unreachable or you do not have permissions to access the target application"




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          The error is pretty clear - check that the user account you are using to login to FDMEE has the appropriate access permissions in the target HFM application. On another note are you actually using the InterCompany transaction module in HFM or is it just a standard HFM application. If the later you should disable the "Enable Intercompany Transactions" setting. Check this post for a quick distinction between the 2 approaches Need Help on Intercompany transactions

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