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    Cannot create compute instances in the Ashburn region using CLI


      Hi, there.


      I am trying to create a new compute instance using CLI in the Ashburn region providing "ABCD:US-ASHBURN-AD-1" for the --availability-domain switch, and I am getting the following error:




          "code": "InvalidParameter",

          "message": "Availability Domain ABCD:US-ASHBURN-AD-1 is not valid",

          "opc-request-id": "8F.......E2",

          "status": 400



      (ABCD stands for the prefix of the availability domain name as it shows up in my console).


      Furthermore, when I am listing all available availability domains (with "bmcs iam availability-domain list"), I see only domains in the Phoenix region.

      I am subscribed to both regions, and can launch new instances in both regions from the console.

      Furthermore, I can launch new instances using CLI in the Phoenix region without any issues.


      My CLI tool version is 2.4.4.


      Thanks in advance!