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    Map view not show value/measure in OBIEE 12c


      I want to create indonesia map in obiee 12c, I heve been follow this tutorial https://www.justanalytics.com/blog/spatial-2 to import indonesia shape file in oracle mapbuilder for spatial data. After that I also follow this tutorial http://www.oracle.com/webfolder/technetwork/tutorials/obe/fmw/bi/bi1116/obiee_maps/obiee_maps.html to create state_theme & city_theme from indonesia province geometry table, create indonesia_basemap which consist of those indonesia state_theme & city_theme, create indonesia_tileLayer from that indonesia_basemap then I define tile bounds & zoom level, I also create layers & backgroud maps in Administration -> manage map data. But when the map show isn't show the value or measure even I have configured tileLayer & datasource in mapviewer also layer key & BI Key column, I have tried in obiiee 11g and it work fine.