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    Maintaining  WebLogic/SOA SDLC environment on top of Docker

    Nanda Pradnyana

      Hi Everyone



      I am currently do exploration for weblogic SOA/BPM 12c running on top of docker and I found some scenario that I need to know how to do it with the docker.



      In this case :

      I create 4 images for OS, WLS installation, Oracle SOA/BPM Installation, Domain Installation (OS is base image of WLS, WLS is base image of SOA/BPM and so on)

      For each instances will run in each separate container: admin_server container, soa_server container, bpm_server container



      The scenario



      1. I want to create jndi configuration for datasource (supposed to stored in plan.xml file) and by default, it will stored in Admin Server fmw installation (which is in admin_server container).

         To make this configuration also run in soa_server and bpm_container, I need to copy Plan.xml to each of it. Is this common or there is another way to do this scenario?



      2. On development phase it is common thing to add or change default weblogic configuration. If I want to move the image to other environment (let say to test environment) do I need to modify the dockerfile to include the changes and then rebuild image in test environment? or I just create a new image and the copy it to test environment?



      3. I want do patch on SOA installation and since patching is impacting only each container, do I need to patch every container? is there any simple way to done this?



      This might too product specific quesition, but if you know similar case from this question don't hesitate to give a though.



      Also, any answer is appreciated



      Have a good day,

      Nanda Pradnyana