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    SQLcl SQL.BAT and SQL.EXE look for glogin.sql in different places


      There are two ways to start SQLcl under Windows – with sql.bat and with sql.exe, both in SQLcl\bin directory. I have noticed that, upon program start and upon connecting to a database, sql.bat runs glogin.sql from the same SQLcl\bin directory, while sql.exe runs glogin.sql from %ORACLE_HOME%\sqlplus\admin directory (tested with SQLcl version, Windows 7 Enterprise SP1.) Why the difference? Also, if ORACLE_HOME is not defined, where else does sql.exe look for glogin.sql to execute? Where else does sql.bat look for glogin.sql if it is not found under SQLcl\bin - or before it even looks there? Can we have a SHOW command that would report a list of locations SQLcl is looking for glogin.sql - similar to what SHOW TNS does for network configuration locations?