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    Excel Interface and users




      is excel interface in only for admin users?


      we have a group of users who must only view logic account criteria. Another group should amend the mapping tables.


      Both the two groups of users cannot be FDM administrators.


      Can they perform the mentioned operations through excel interface?


      This is urget please I do not have my VM with me to take a trial.


      Many thanks

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          Excel interface is not limited to admins. It may be assigned to any other role via the "Load from Excel" function in FDMEE Role Security.


          I would be extremely cautious of allowing end user access to the Excel interface, though. The FDMEE web UI provides the proper validation for an end user updating logic groups or mapping. The Excel interface does not. Excel interface is also not necessary here because FDMEE Role Security includes functions for logic groups and mapping.


          Create two groups, assign each one a different Intermediate role, and then assign the "Logic Group" function to one Intermediate role and the "Data Load Mapping" function to the other. The Data Load Mapping function allows the user to update mapping via Excel import from the Data Load Mapping screen.


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