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    The poor quality of Pearson VUE's service


      I took the exam 1z0-062 on March,10 2017. During the exam execution there were many faults and often the application hanged . Finally the test center assistant had to reboot my computer  to continue the test as the Person VUE support suggested. It seemed that the session was maintained and I could see the previous answers. So I could continue and finished the test. I thought I passed the exam, but when I came back home and looked at the result in my e-mail I was very disappointed when I saw that I failed with a very low score! I tried to remember all the questions and the answers and I realized that this score cannot be reliable. I'm not a beginner and I already have a previous OCA certification and  I lost confidence in the test validity. Looking for similar case on various posts in Internet  I saw that many users had similar experience so I opened a case report on Person VUE. They raised the case report 00485824 and they said that  it would take us 3-5 business days to update. But after many days I had to write another e-mail to have an answer. They said they were investigating very carefully and they needed other days. Finally I was very tired of being teased and I demanded a definitive answer. They said they didn't find any error without any further details. I was very angry to have a similar rough answer after many days but I was even more angry when some day ago a colleague had a similar experience  at her test!!!!