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    GetRows(), GetXML() VS. Oracle Objects...


      I've been working with OO4O for 2-3 months now. Since the Dynaset is RIDICULOUSLY slow, I always use GetRows() to get my data. But when I call GetRows() in a Dynaset containing objects (i.e. OraObject), all the objects fields are set to Nothing (or Empty string). If I fetch them using the Dynaset itself (not GetRows()), it works. Why ? All the other fields (VARCHAR, NUMBER, DATE) works fine, but not the objects. Here's a copy paste of my watch window, (7,0) and (7,1) are suppose to be objects, but they show up as empty strings. I've looked in the documentation and it doesnt say anything about objects now beeing supported by GetRows().

           (0,0)     "909349"     String
           (0,1)     "2372636"     String
           (1,0)     "0"     String
           (1,1)     "0"     String
           (2,0)     "87"     String
           (2,1)     "90"     String
           (3,0)     "1"     String
           (3,1)     "1"     String
           (4,0)     "production"     String
           (4,1)     "production"     String
           (5,0)     #10/26/2001 9:22:24 AM#     Date
           (5,1)     #12/10/2001 2:39:45 PM#     Date
           (6,0)     "11"     String
           (6,1)     "11"     String
           (7,0)     ""     String
           (7,1)     ""     String
      +     (8,0)     {System.DBNull}     System.DBNull
      +     (8,1)     {System.DBNull}     System.DBNull

      Also, I tried using GetXML() as some sort of lame workaround, and I noticed that when I call GetXML() on a dynaset containing objects, only the first object of the table/query is exported. Look at the XML file below, it's the same query. I am 100% sure that DEVICE_ID = 2372636 HAS a COORD value set, but it's not in there.

      <?xml version = "1.0" encoding = "ISO-10646-UCS-2"?>
      <ROW id="1">
      <LM_DATETIME>2001-10-26 09:22:24</LM_DATETIME>
      <ROW id="2">
      <LM_DATETIME>2001-12-10 14:39:45</LM_DATETIME>

      All these OO4O issues are slowing down development. You guys owe me some explanation. PLEASE REPLY FAST!

      Mathieu Gauthier
      JCMB Technology Inc.