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    FDMEE-ODI Variable/parameters to filter the data


      Hi All,

      I request if anyone could explain me in a simple way why below parameters are required and how exactly "p_entity_list" works

      below are the parameters taken from my project ,being defined for data filtering.



      If want to test same parameter" p_entity_list" in practical ? Please provide me the steps in ODI perspective.


      I have default adapter which Open interface adapter in ODI along with installation, in which i could see default variables available under package wherein i could not see "p_entity_list" that means it is customized


      How to add and test that variable in Package in practical to filter the data by entity by step by step.


      Thank you so much if you could explain me in a better way




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          Hi ,


          These will be used to pass as prompt values in your DLR.


          For ex say, you have oracle db as source, then you can filter certain records which has some specific name, like say Asset for 1 DLR and Liability for another DLR to load to target (Asset to one target and Liability to another target) and then you can use these parameters and give Asset & Liability in your DLR for target load.




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            In summary using the ODI studio you can create a new variable p_entity_list, set it as a refreshing variable, you will see what you need to enter for the select query if you look at other variables.

            Add a new filter to interface "ERPI Open Interface to ERPI Balances" against the column you want to filter and put the variable in the clause, add the variable into the package "Open Interface Balances" and set it as a refresh variable.

            In the import format regenerate the scenario, enter a value in the rule for p_entity_list and run the rule.