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    Can't install JDK 9 because “Another Java installation is in progress”

    Clancy Merrick

      I have been using JDK 9 on Windows 10 x64 for a while but when I went to install a recent early release (b174), I first uninstalled the previous version (as usual) and then ran the new installer.


      It fails with a message box saying "Another Java installation is in progress. You must complete that installation before you can run this installer".


      It seems there are some artifacts around causing the problem but only for JDK 9 as I can uninstall & reinstall JDK 8 without any issues. Also, the same problem occurs if I try to run the installers for any prior JDK 9 releases as well (even though they worked before).


      Searches have suggested various options like using a Microsoft MSI clean-up tool and registry hacks but nothing helped.


      Then a colleague was able to "unpack" the JDK installer on their machine and provide me with the MSI which installs perfectly.  So now I have JDK 9 b174 installed but I get the exact same original problem when I go to install b175.


      As mentioned, JDK 8 early releases are NOT affected and continue to work correctly.


      Is there some change in the JDK 9 installer that could be causing this problem? How can I fix it permanently so I can just use the installer instead of having to get someone else to extract the MSI for me for each new release?





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