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    unable to Finally close the  PO line




      There is BPA and all the release against that BPA are closed, this was checked in Releases form. When i try close the PO line, getting an error as "You cannot finally close this  line because open releases exists"


      please let me know what other things i can check or if there is any query which gives releases against BPA.


      Appreciate your valuable inputs on this issue.




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          This error is good.

          You need to make sure all the releases' shipments are either cancelled or finally closed. Use following query. If rows return, process to final those release shipments.


          SELECT 'Uncancelled Open Releases Exist'

          FROM po_line_locations_all pll

          WHERE pll.po_line_id = &blanket_line_id

            AND pll.shipment_type = 'BLANKET'

            AND NVL(pll.cancel_flag, 'N') = 'N'

            AND NVL(pll.closed_code, 'OPEN') <> 'FINALLY CLOSED';


          Hope this helps.