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    GBPA line price update automatically, based on discount & Increment % from Vendor


      Hi Guru's


      We are having requirement to update the GBPA line prices if below 2 scenarios


      - Discount % from Vendor :: PO line price should decrease.

      - Increment % from Vendor :: PO line price should increase.


      Please advise If anyone of you have cater this requirement earlier. It can be controlled through concurrent program but we need API to update the GBPA line price but for our current version 12.1.3 there is no as such API is available.



      Mirza Arshad Baig


      ***Moderator action (Timo): User, it's not exactly clear if your question was posted in the right forum. From the question it more sounds like a 'Procurement' related question. I have moved it from Oracle Application Express (APEX)  to Procurement. If this is not what your question is about, provide more info about the product and environment you use, please!***