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      Hi Experts,

      I use the function 'Case when' to show chinese data in BIEE Analytics, but the information show messy code.
      How to solve this issue? Is there other function to change this character?
      PS: I can use the 'N' character to show correct data in SQL SERVER Client, but it does not work in BIEE, Maybe it do not have this function.
      For example: case when "Address"."Type" ='1' then   N'家庭'   end
      BIEE Version:
      DB : SQL SERVER 2012

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          Christian Berg

          Not really sure what that N is doing in front of the '家庭' - i.e. outside the string quotes. CASE WHEN has nothing to do with character sets - your platform can either handle it or not. First test: can you even display Chinese characters coming from a column or just display them as text? Because the



          Note: I just used random chars from the unicode table in this example

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            Gianni Ceresa

            The "N" in front is to tell SQL Server (or client) to take the following text as unicode (required for chinese and similar languages).

            When OBIEE send the query to SQL Server without the "N" the chinese text is treated as varchar (non-unicode) and result into ??.


            I guess I saw a note on MOS about how to handle that, just can't remember when/where and how to find it again.


            User472204-OC  : did you already searched in MOS or asked Oracle? (because of the -OC I guess you are also an Oracle employee, so must be easy to ask your colleagues )

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              Christian Berg

              Ah ok so SQL Server-specific. I was wondering what that's supposed to do in an agnostic formula. Reminder to all reading this: Just because you're using SQL Server doesn't mean the syntax in RPD or Answers has anything to do with SQL Server. It's source agnostic!


              So User472204-OC (nice name by the way) key question remains: Is your source actually configured as a unicode source?


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                Hi Christian,


                It does work.

                Thank you very much.