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    Stuck at Client Setup installing Mobile Client




      I'm following this document:




      and I'm at figure 2-4(Android Device Registration) where I have already installed the client and am now at 'Logon to server' and I inputted the username,password and server:port details. It then is stuck at 'Please wait, this may take several minutes' and doesn't move to the next step of Android device - Oracle DMAgent and Oracle Update.


      1. Glassfish 4.1.2

      2. Oracle MDS 12c

      3. Oracle Express 11g

      4. Huawei Y635 with android 4.4

      5. Dell laptop win64 on windows 10

      6. I can ping from the device to the laptop and vice versa

      7. I can browse to the laptop MDS from the browser on the phone http://ip:port/mobile/devmgr

      8. Firewall off for private networks on the laptop.