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    What is your favorite initial setting for a newly upgraded CS 9.2 / PT 8.55 environment?

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      We are preparing to release our first copy-of-production into the wild. Our functional leads and their staff will soon have access to try out CS 9.2 and PT 8.55 for the first time. I am hoping to “sell” them on Oracle’s stated direction (Fluid), while not alienating them with too great of a shock to their system. Considering this as a goal, what are the most popular first-time or one-time settings to help them into the new world? More explicitly, what was your favorite setting?


      Thus far, my vote is for the “customization” known as “Method 2” from “E-FLUID: How to enable Drop Down Menu on the Home page for PT 8.55 (Doc ID 2094458.1)”. That answered a gaping hole for navigation and breadcrumb identification.


      I might poke around a bit for some simple visual adjustments. Do you have a favorite doc or setting to, for example, swap in your school’s primary color(s) rather than the default 8.55 blue? Is there a popular location for your school’s logo…or perhaps an environment background watermark?


      What else have you found that most improved your user’s experience from the post-upgrade defaults?


      I look forward to reading your ideas!

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