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    ATG :BCC Targeters & Segmentation - Targeters is not displaying the Rule Tab

    Deb Lodh

      Hello All,


      I am using ATG 10.2 version. Currently upon logging and Creating a BCC Targeting & Segmentation project and trying to create a Targeter, the Rule tab doesn't get displayed on the window for the targerter (Infact not even for User Segments/ Content Groups). I don't see any error on server logs and upon checking couldn't find any customization being done in our current project code. I went into the ViewMappingRepository and re-ran the viewmapping.xml file data from ATG10.2\BIZUI\install\data and the items got updated correctly. Still, Rule Tab is not displayed. Also  Looking for help here.


      Following is the current view while creating targeter.






      Thanks & Regards,



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