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    Cleaning up assets in an instance


      My team has been using Eloqua for 3 years and we have over 700 users, which means we have thousands and thousands of emails, components, etc. We've learned that in Eloqua there is a soft threshold of around 100k assets and we're already way over that. At this point, we are already seeing some performance issues and need to start cleaning up our instance. Has anyone run into this issue with the threshold? How have you gone about deleting assets at a mass scale? What sort of routine file maintenance do you do?


      We've been told this will require working with the Expert team and that may be the solution, but I'm curious about what other teams have tried. Thanks in advance for any help or ideas!

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          Hi Kristina,


          In a way it may be necessary to engage Eloqua with this since the production internal team would have some power in manually terminating hard dependencies and doing a "brute" delete.  However, to my knowledge, this is done only during exceptional circumstances and still does not avoid the grueling process of "verifying and approving" assets for removal.  Also, since reporting is still relatively "asset focused", when deleting an asset reporting would be lost for it so there are also considerations there.


          Let's first see if there's any low hanging fruit we can target first:


          1.)  To alleviate any possible performance issues, my first recommendation is to jump into your CDOs and attack the largest sets that have running CDO services.  It may either be trimming the number of records in it (especially for modified services), and if it isn't worth running anymore straight out disabling it and deleting the records or the set.  If some records do need to be kept, it may be necessary to export them, delete the whole set, then re-import them and flag them to not be picked up by any services.


          2.)  Scan through program builder to first disable any unnecessary programs and relevant feeders. 


          These two sections should help stabilize a degree of performance issues with Eloqua, now with the large cleanup... (assuming an ideal case)


          1.)  Be it through API or whatever Oracle services have recommended, your first step is to get a report of the list of assets (email, forms, and etc) with created date and my favourite (created by).  On top of that, you would need to also use the API to extract the users to get a good user ID Lookup running.

          2.)  Now why do I want that user lookup?  This may be a quick strategy, but to literally establish a directory and get users to go in to access a list of assets sorted by their name with creation date.  However, ask them to look into Campaigns first, then email.  If we can establish that a campaign should be removed, the email should technically be classed as removable as well (plus relevant components).  This should at least save you time by somewhat delegating the asset selection at the source.  (Also assuming that the users are also partially managed by some point of centralization as well).


          In any case, I'm sure there would be some more surprises and other cool factors coming up from how you've set it up.  I hope this helps get some brainstorming going.


          Best Regards,

          Hong Tai Lee

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            4Thought Marketing

            Hi KristinaAlfano,


            There is a way to automate this, as getting access to assets to delete them is possible via Eloqua's API. Because of this, an application could be created to do this work for you. I discussed a similar scenario with another customer recently and there is a lot to consider when staring out to build such an app. The 2 main considerations we ran into were:


            1. Dealing with dependencies - as you probably know there, Eloqua prevents the deletion of assets if there are other linked assets to the one you want to delete. Think forms and landing pages as a simple example. We need to consider all possible linked dependent assets and delete them in order, or remove the dependency, to get the fewest amount of errors possible.
            2. Selecting the correct assets to delete - we are able to sort by creation date for example, but we need to be very careful with an automated solution not to delete any assets that are still in use. Think contact us forms or welcome campaigns set up a long time ago. Therefore, selection options of what to delete will be required to be built into he app to prevent deleting needed assets.


            If we can navigate around these 2 points, then an automated solution is possible. It also can continue to be used in the future, so you don't get weighed down with too many assets again. It would be a very interesting app to design and build, so I would be happy to discuss it further with you if you think it could be an answer to your problem.


            I hope this helps.



            Mauricio Gutierrez

            4Thought Marketing - Marketing Systems Analyst

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              Thank you for such a detailed response and these great recommendations. From what I've heard from the Oracle Expert team so far, it sounds like they don't have the development resources to help us automate this process. We were hoping for an API solution that would be a more permanent solution, but we don't have a developer on staff either to get this done. We really are looking at a very manual clean-up at this point. So, it will come down to a user directory and organized clean-up most likely. A possible idea would also be to split our instance and have less users on each to prevent this from happening (as often at least), but that's going to require a lot of work too. I'm going to talk through your suggestions with my team.


              Thanks again!


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                Hi Mauricio - What you're describing is exactly what we're looking for! We run into dependency issues on a daily basis it seems like. As far as selecting the correct assets, that won't be as big of an issue with us I think. We are looking to wipe out-dated emails that have no pertinent information. We'd love an automated solution that can be used now and in the future because if we've already hit this point after just 3 years, it's basically guaranteed to happen again. Any suggestions on where to start?




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                  4Thought Marketing

                  Hi Kristina,


                  I would be happy to talk to you to learn a little more about your specific needs. If you click on our name up to the left, you will see our contact details. Send us an email and we can set up a time early next week to chat some more. In the mean-time do you mind if we reach out via Linked In?


                  For now have a great weekend!




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                    Nick Dennis-Oracle

                    Some good advice above.  Your first step would be to audit what you have in your instance.  To do this RelationshipOne actually have a free App that provides details about what's in your instance - delivers CSV files around contact fields, email assets, landing pages etc - check it out: https://cloudmarketplace.oracle.com/marketplace/en_US/listing/3228840