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    Reports 12c: FolderAccess Wildcard Does Not Work -- REP-177 & REP-56133 (Doc ID 2107541.1)


      I need wildcards in rwserver.conf - folderAccess. In Oracle Support I found a description how to enable Oracle Report to write in sub directories - Doc ID 2107541.1 - but this solution does not work for me.


      I wrote in my rwserver.conf:





      After stopping and starting the Reports component I got the following error:

      [2017-07-10T09:58:50.731+02:00] [reports] [WARNING] [] [oracle.reports.server] [tid: 1] [ecid: 1d0d79a2-ca33-4f18-a8b1-9039a3ceb6f0-00000002,0] SecurityHelper:start  Write directory configured does not exist or is not writeable: c:\pkf_client_12c\extern\*


      Thus, printing on the file system with the parameters does not work:

      http:/server:7777/reports/rwservlet?report=REP_USERS.rep&userid=user/pwd@pkf12c&destype=FILE&desname=c:\appl\Extern\00010\t.pdf&server=<Standalone Reportserver Component>&desformat=pdf