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    After ADOP cutover successfully completed, managed servers are changed.. But How ??


      Hi Experts,


      I have found that after, adop phase=cutover  completed successfully.

      All managed servers go changed.

      So, while bounce the server, forms, form_o4cws, oacore, oafm etc. these services was not coming up.


      I have changed managed server host in the console and tested it's worked.


      forms_server2 >> earlier it is belongs to egldrfiweb01 and I changed to egldrfiapp01, then it came up.



      wls - servers.PNG


      Then, I changed all accordingly -


      wls - servers2.PNG


      All managed servers are started working.

      And Server is up and running fine now.


      Here my question is, how these servers hosts got change ?