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    [BVT] Oracle Baseline Validation Tool with catalogs in double-byte - migrate from to


      When comparing the images with BVT, OPENCV is throwing the following exception.


      Comparing snapshots[==================================================] 100%Open

      CV Error: Assertion failed (j < nimages) in cv::histPrepareImages, file ..\..\..

      \..\opencv\modules\imgproc\src\histogram.cpp, line 148

      Warning: Error while comparing images: '../../../Results/OBI11g/com.oracle.biee

      .bvt.plugin.ui/shared/test01/_portal/dash01/PrompSet-001/あ.png' and '../../../R


      t-001/あ.png'. Ex: CvException [org.opencv.core.CvException: cv::Exception: ..\.

      .\..\..\opencv\modules\imgproc\src\histogram.cpp:148: error: (-215) j < nimages

      in function cv::histPrepareImages




      Comparing Fails if dashboard path contains multi-byte characters.

      It works if dashboard path is single byte characters.

      and we have verified that this problem does not occur on Linux OS.


      Dashboard path containing Multi-byte characters are not supported in BVT?


      Thanks very much for your help in advance, and any reply will be appreciated.


      Best Regards,