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    SQL Developer 17.2 doesn't show DBMS Output




      I am testing version 17.2 of SQL Developer and have stumbled across this problem:


      SQL Developer does not display the DBMS server output, neither in the connected DBMS Output window nor in the Script Output window.


      To test I used the following code in a regular worksheet:


      set serveroutput on;

      begin DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE('this is dbms_output speaking'); end;


      The DBMS Output window shows nothing, the Script Output window just outputs that the script ran successfully.


      On the previous version of SQL Developer ( Version, Build 17.089.1709) this works as excpeted, showing the text in both windows.


      I am using:

      - SQL Developer (Version, with JDK included)

      - Windows 7 Enterprise with German region settings

      - Oracle 10g database with german NLS


      Is this a bug or am I missing some sort of configuration option?


      Regards, André