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    Integrating Maximo Asset Mgmt with Oracle Purchasing and Financials


      I am interested to know if anyone has integrated Maximo Asset Management with Oracle EBS (purchasing and financials).  We are in initial stages of integrating these 2 products and I would like to know if there are any topics of interest, caution, "lessons learned", etc that would be helpful to us as we start to map out the details.


      Also, I am wondering about Organization and Site setup between the 2 systems.  For example, if Oracle EBS is set up as single-org, does that necessarily mean that Maximo must also be set up as single-org?  If so, why?  If not, is it possible to send data back and forth if organizations are different? How would a multi-org Maximo structure affect the Oracle EBS-AP module when charges are sent over to a single-org EBS financial modules?


      Thanks in advance for any pointers on this topic.