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    How to change content in canvass after campaign activation



      we are planning a nurturing campaign to launch a new service, this campaign will last several month and it will be composed by 10 different emails.

      We will activate the campaign in order to launch the first email and then, with a 2-3 weeks waiting steps, all the other emails will follow.

      The problem is that we will not have all the content ready on time before to launch the nurturing campaign (eg. videos, interviews, whitepapers, etc...)


      My question is:

      is it possible to change single email's content (eg. url, cta, text) after the canvass has been activated? Or is better don't do it?


      If is better don't do it.

      How is the best way to handle email content as it will not be possible to have all ready before the campaign starts?

      (eg. for example in the nurturing is planned a news on the results of a meeting which will take place after 2 month from campaign starts).


      Thank you very much for any suggestion

      Ciao Francesca