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    oracle-bmc-cli: Cannot create policy, error: "Parameter 'statements' must be in JSON format."


      I'm trying to create a policy (IAM service), but keep running into the error: "Parameter 'statements' must be in JSON format."

      The --help-option of "bmcs iam policy create" delivers the following pattern for the parameter 'statements': Example: '["statement 1","statement 2"]'

      My own command looks like this: --statements '["Allow group MyGroup to manage object-family in tenancy","Allow group MyGroup to manage volume-family in tenancy"]'

      I also tried only one statement, with and without brackets, and as in the console there's a seperation of the statements like "statement 1", "statement 2" and so on, I also tried '{"statement 1":"...","statement 2":"..."}', but no chance, there's always the same error.

      I could create the policy in the console without any problems, so the statements themselves are alright.