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    Obiee Certification Matrix


      Hello everybody,


      I want to understand what is obiee certification matrix document. Especially, for browser certification. It says for obiee version, Firefox supports 31+ version. This means only 31+ versions run on obiee version? Smaller versions, version does not run or may have some compatibility issues / bugs? Can someone explain what I should understand from this document?


      Thank you four your interest.




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          Gianni Ceresa

          Hi Dilek,

          The certification matrix for browsers gives your the minimum version (the + in "31+" for example means version 31 or above, so 32 etc.).

          Of course the problem is that the certification matrix is aware of browser existing when the matrix is produced, they can't be aware of the version of browser released 2 years later.

          So you can't expect the matrix to tell you up to which version of browser, when does the "+" stop.


          Older version like had issues in the past with some upgrades of browser, and compatibility was fixed with patches (in OBIEE) few weeks/months later.


 first release was in 2013, so in 4 years browsers changed a lot, that's why the various bundle patch often included fixes for browsers issues.

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