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    Document imaging


      Has anyone created a document imaging solution with APEX?  We are running APEX 5.1, and are interested in creating a document imaging solution for HR files.  It should be a relatively simple application with the ability to find documents based on employee name or id number, and then select between various types of documents (employment, benefits, performance review, etc.).  This would then provide a list of documents that could be opened by clicking a filename or number.


      it sounds simple enough in theory, but that has gotten me in trouble before, so I thought I would ask before jumping into anything.





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          C Sykes

          The functinoality of searching, reporting and downloading files is all fine and super easy in APEX.


          The actual search of your data is a bit more complicated depending on what the 'Documents' are.  Oracle text allows you to search the text in PDF documents but if they need an OCR to be searched then I have no experience with this.


          If you are searching on an employee name and ID that is in the database and linked to the documents, then this is again, really, really easy with APEX.

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            Thanks for the reply.  That was my thinking as well.  We won't need to search the text of the documents, but only search for the document itself based on a couple of criteria, like employee ID and document type.