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    Oracle EPM installtool.cmd doesn't close during silent install




      I've generated a silent.xml file for the Oracle EPM installtool.cmd as per http://www.oracle.com/webfolder/technetwork/tutorials/obe/hyp/HFM11.1.2SilentInstall/HFM1112Silent.htm


      I run the installer on a machine using command line:


      Installtool.cmd -silent silent.xml


      The installer pops up a window, passes all pre-req checks, tells me how much disk space is needed and how much it has (I have plenty), and then stays on that screen forever. The program appears to install as per my silent.xml settings (I end up with about 5GB of files in c:\oracle\), but the console window never closes or otherwise indicates a successful installation. This basically makes it not fit for purpose. Can anybody tell me what (if anything) I could be doing wrong. Is this just a 'feature' of the Installtool.cmd when run in silent mode?


      Ideally, I want to deploy this via SCCM, but if the script never terminates then I have a problem...