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    APEX_MAIL Package



      APEX 5.0.1


      Good Day:


      I use the apex_mail package extensively and never ran into this job requirement which is to only bcc the message recipients.  However, when I created the email procedure and attempted to execute for testing I received an error indicating I should supply a message recipient.  In other words, the package it would appear, is forcing me to add the p_to element (which makes sense).


      Is there any way around this?




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          Gaz in Oz

          Try explicitly passing NULL, for example

          p_to => NULL

          or pass a fictitious email address, for example

          p_to => 'noreply@nowhere.nada'


          Who ever the bcc recipient is, may be you should give a meaningful "@nowhere.nada" so the recipient has some idea of where the email came from.


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            I tried the null in your first suggestion and it didn't work.  Let me give the second suggestion a try.


            Thanks for your help.