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    Link an interactive report to a modal dialog


      Hi All,

           I am using APEX 5.1, I have created an interactive report based on a view/query.   I need to now show a column similar to the pencil edit column.  When the user clicks the pencil icon associated to any record, it opens up a modal dialog with the record data.


      Please suggest how to achieve this.



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          Shilpi Pauranik-Oracle



          In order to achieve your request, there can be multiple ways,


          1. You can add a static column in the report query and make it as a link targeting to the model page. OR you can use link attribute setting under report attributes to specify the target , icon etc.

          2. Make use of the Inline dialog template to open a model window on top of the parent page. Please refer Sample Dialog (Region Modal Dialog) application available in packaged apps for reference.

          3. Creating detail view could also help you to achieve reporting details.


          Hope this will help.