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    Period mapping to no period


      Hello all,


      i have a requirement to load some data on the no period member, is there a way to map months to the no period member??





      Thank you

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          Dayalan Punniyamoorthy

          Can you please elaborate the requirement along with the Period dim hierarchy?



          Dayalan P.

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            yes sure,


            For the period mapping, i created the 3 mappings Global, application and source mappings, each month to its specific month and year too, so i think at the end that this is an invalid requirement because i cannot create two mappings for 1 month, or if anyone has done something like this before please help.

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              Technically yes you could map the data to load to any stored level zero member of  the period dimension. In your period mapping you could have something along the lines

              Jan-30-2017  to Jan

              Jan 31-2017 to Begbalance

              Feb 27-2017 to Feb

              Feb 28-2017 to Begbalance


              As others have said it is really based on reviewing your core requirements and designing a process which best fits the requirements. The onus remains on you to fully test any option provided by members of the board and ensure it is feasible for your company.


              Hope the information helps and let us know how you make out.

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                Thank you alot for your help, i will try to do this practice and reply.


                Thank you again

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                  Dayalan Punniyamoorthy

                  I do have a similar requirement  and did tried the way of having 2 periods (Jan - 1-01-2017 & Jan_ - 31-01-2017). It does work but when you run a load it will pick all the 24 periods and will report other 12 period as no data and the result will come back with a exclamation even the data load is Success. 


                  So the end users might get confused, else its a great work around.


                  All the best, lets us know how this goes.



                  Dayalan P.