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    Need query to check how many invoices or PO's are processed by system in a day.


      we have a requirement to collect the stats for the below,could any one please provide us the query to check the below and meet our requirement.


      1)How many PO's that are processed by the system in a day

      2)How many invoices are processed by the system in a day

      # of PO's and its value per day

      # of Invoices and its value per day

      # of iexpenses submitted per day and its value

      # of OSN invoices submitted and its value process per day

      # of OSN PO's submitted and its value processed per day


      We are planning to create a table and insert the data on daily basis.


      Table to which this details need to be loaded on daily basis


      Create Table IFS_PO_INV_Metrics(

      Last_Update_Date Date

      Num_PO NUMBER,

      Value_PO Number,

      Num_Inv Number,

      Value_Inv Number,

      Num_iexp Number

      Value_iexp Number,

      Num_OSN_PO Number,

      Value_OSN_PO Number,

      Num_OSN_INV Number,

      Value_OSN_INV Number)