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    Defer execution of region until selected in region selector


      I have a page with a number of classic report regions and a region selector. When the page loads, the code for each region is executed and then I can switch between them - all good. However - whilst I might have say 5 regions, a particular user may only want to look at 2 of them on a particular day (there are no specific rules for this to allow me to conditionally hide them), however they have the overhead of waiting for all queries to run before the page is rendered. Ideally what I'd like is the active region to render and then as the user clicks the tabs to switch to the other regions, they render at that point. I'm guessing I could do this with jQuery by using dummy items that cause the SQL to return no rows, then setting them using the region switch callback and PPR'ing the selected region but I think that's going to be massively complex.

      Does anyone have any better suggestions before I either write it off as being not worth the effort, or go down a rabbit warren doing something that's actually reasonably easy.

      I ideally want to avoid coding up my own region selector.